436285111_lightboxFelehovet is located on Gautefallheia and is near the Gautefall Alpine Center. At the ski center there is also a biathlon facility that offers roller skating in the summer months and trails with light in the winter months.

In the area you will find bike paths, fishing water, bathing water and there is a rich selection of activities whole the year round.

A 10-15 minutes drive by car takes you to the village of Treungen, at the end of one of Telemark’s largest lakes, Nisser. A walk through Treungen center is an historical experience. Here you will find food stores, dining places, sports-shop, a bakerya large building department store, a gift and flower shop and a interior shop.

In the summer there are activities at ‘Sommersletta’ with Pipo playground and its own jewelery and stone shop where you can get knowledge of the geology in the area and not least the history of the Arendal-Treungen railway, which had its ending station here.


The Treungen Festival in early August has become an annual event for rock and pop-lovers of all ages.

A visit to the Z-museum gives you an insight into ‘the old days’. Here you will find old cars, phones, toys and much more.


A popular destination is the ‘Jettegrytene‘ at Eikhom, a great spot for adults and older children.

In Nissedal you will find one of North Europe’s finest climbing areas, and at Fjone the yearly climbing festival is organized.